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At HolisticNetworking, we understand: you’re not a web developer and you’re not a web company. You need the web to do what you do best. But maybe the web has been taking too much of your time and not giving you what you need. Even worse, you may be paying for services you don’t need that used to support a project you are no longer working on. Dollars are flying out the back window, while trying to keep your eyes peeled out the front window.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Those lost dollars can be recovered, if you just have an expert take the time to look over your web infrastructure and help you reorganize. One possible solution is to consider using WordPress for some or all of your web properties. If you’re thinking of ways to save your company money, here are five good reasons to take a second look at WordPress – and five good reasons to contact HN today to help you do it.

5. Many sites? Just one WordPress.

Most companies have, for one reason or another, several domain names under their ownership. Maybe you’d like to market directly to a very specific audience. Maybe you’re protecting your brand and registered trademarks by owning microsites for each of them. You have your reasons.

Where Did My Content GoBut they all need to be tracked, administered and occasionally updated. That costs time, and time costs money. In fact, literally every thing on this list can be multiplied by the number of sites you need to maintain. Is there an easier way?

Why, yes! Yes, there is! WordPress was developed to be capable of hosting several websites all at once. Different domain names, same WordPress. That means only one version of WordPress to be updated, ever. One set of plugins. One set of themes.

Say goodbye to multiple web hosting accounts and nickel-and-dime costs of doing business: with WordPress multi-domain, you can have just one bill for all your accounts.

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4. Updated content? No problem!

Maintaining and administering a website is one thing. Updating the content on the site is quite another. Do you really need to call in an expert every time you need to change a phone number?

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Why, no. No, you do not. With WordPress, you can grant users permissions to alter or post new content any time you need them too. Not just updating phone numbers, but posting new updates about products, sales or promotions. Whatever you’d like the world to know about what you’re doing, you can have your own people – the people you already pay to come up with marketing content – to update your site and leave the pros like me to work on something else.

But… doesn’t that mean a lot of chaos and potential damage to the site? Why, I’m glad you asked…

3. Who changed that? User control and tracking.

If you’re used to having developers like me alter pages by hand, then if nothing else, you’ve always known who was at fault if content was not correct. Now that you have WordPress running your sites, does this mean you lose that ability to pinpoint trouble?

….nnnnnope. WordPress has user accounts whose changes to content are always tracked. If a change is made, just look up the last person who altered the content and let them know it’s wrong!

Not only that, but you can actually control which users have access to which content. So, users who have no business updating marketing material never have to worry about potentially messing things up. It’s piece of mind for you and your employees!

Save Time. Save Money. Unburden Yourself!

2. Are we safe? Regular security updates.

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Don’t be fooled: even the best of us find ourselves checking our six, watching for the next hack or outbreak. That concern – along with a goodly dose of real-world experience – is what makes the good developer what he is. But for those without that real world experience, worrying about viruses, hacks and whatever “malware” is tends to just be an anxiety-ridden waste of energy.

WordPress takes the guess work out of security by featuring a regular update schedule and regular security checks: if developers discover a nasty, they take steps to fix it and roll out updates. The WordPress community also has award-winning security measures like iTheme’s Security suite that makes the already-secure WordPress even better.

1. Can we sell it online? Now making eCommerce even easier!

WooCommerce-LogoVeterans of WordPress development know that eCommerce never used to be an easy thing with a WordPress site. And since the WooCommerce plugin came along, it’s been almost every developer’s go-too eCommerce solution. Now WordPress has taken things to the next level and purchased the WooCommerce plugin from it’s parent company.

This means that an already highly-effective eCommerce solution just got even more effective, and that over the next couple years, will become native to the core. Now would be a great time to get ahead of the curve and start selling using the once-and-future WPe solution!

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