Get it All

I love my Droid Eris, it’s the neatest little toy I’ve bought myself in years and years. But it does have one disadvantage, which is that the high-power consumption means that the battery doesn’t last very long. And when you’ve got a job out here in the sticks, the phone starts roaming and you really lose battery power. At this point, its like I’m driving an “A Car,” with my phone running out of juice about 7pm every night.

What’s an A Car? Well, during the rationing of World War II, they assigned every car in the country with a letter, A, B or C, that dictated when the car was eligible to get gasoline. A Cars got gas on Monday and Tuesday, B Cars got gas on Wednesday and Thursday and C Cars got gas on Friday and Saturday. In those days, everything was closed on Sunday.

Well, as you can clearly surmise, those cars that got gas on Monday and Tuesday would be at their lowest point on Friday and Saturday, which meant A Car drivers generally got stuck at home or else had to tool around in someone else’s ride. C Cars were the cars to have.

But, this is just me talking. Interesting point of history, nothing more. But I really wish they would make a higher-capacity battery for this phone. Should I have bought that clunky Motorola model instead?