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I tell ya, folks, WP2.1 just keeps getting more and more interesting every time I look into it.  If only I had time, I’d upgrade.  I’m still working on three projects that have to come first and just got a new gig working for Kodak, so I’m a bit booked.

Here is an interesting discussion of the new “pseudo-chron” functionality added to the latest version of WP. Yep, I can smell some new Widgety-goodness in the works, folks. I just need to find time to do it!

Timing is everything: scheduling in WordPress – Development on a Shoestring

What has been produced is a system that allows plugin developers to schedule events to occur at certain times. It does this by checking the current time against the list of scheduled tasks every time a page is loaded on the site. If the set time has passed the task (a callback function) is done.

Getting the scheduling to do what it should is going to require a working knowledege of how WordPress hooks, actions & filters work.

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