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Wow.  I’m freakin’ old, man.  I owned a C64, complete with GEOS (the Graphical Environment Operating System, but don’t you dare call it Windows!), a 2400 baud-rate modem to connect to Quantum Link and a flip-file filled to capacity with bootlegged games like Miner 2049’r, Jeopardy, Trolls and Tribulations and the oh-so realistic thrill ride that was Strip Poker. is taking a look back at the single most popular gaming console of it’s day and possibly of all time.  I look back at the most powerful 8-bit system ever produced, one which has only just recently ceased to be a viable option to surf the Internet with.  I really wish I still had a working model, it would be quite a show piece, even if mine wasn’t the original bubble machine, but rather the sleeker second version meant to emulate the look of the C128.

Gallery: Looking Back at 25 Years of the C64, the Ultimate ’80s Computer

On the Commodore 64’s 25th anniversary, we cast a nostalgic look back into gaming’s past. Join us on a journey back to 1982 — when men were men, headbands were fashionable, and programs could take half an hour just to load.