Get it All

I’m playing around with WordPress MU, and will need to be doing a lot of hacking the MU code in order to get what I want out of MU.  So, as long as I’m working on projects, I plan to design around general concepts instead of site-specific requirements and post my projects and work here.

My first order of business is to determine how, exactly, I’m going to create the “classes” concept I’ve been toying with.  In terms of the dB, this shouldn’t be too taxing an undertaking.  But I’ve never bothered to create any Administrative plugins for WordPress before (I’ve written a few popular display plugins in the past).  So finding the hooks I need to get this done will be my first challenge.

Oh, yeah.  I think perhaps I’ll start a category exclusively for revelations concerning hooks, generally.  I find that other sources tend to be incomplete, so I hope I can at least add something to the conversation and help the next guy figure out his project.