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Lorelle has a great wrap-up of some of the most recent teasers concerning the newest version of the WordPress software.  Bottom line: plugin creators, check those queries!

Glimpses of WordPress 2.1 « Lorelle on WordPress

So there is a lot of great things to look forward to with the new version. And another reminder – if you are a WordPress Plugin or Theme author, make sure yours is up-to-date and will handle the transition. It’s expected to be a huge update for a lot of users.

The newest version of WP seems to be designed to eliminate a large number of MySQL-related security concerns that have previously been patched as stop-gap measures. They appear to be tightening up the allowed SQL statements and pseudonyms available directly through WP.  There are other, less obvious changes, such as eliminating the “Links” as their own distinct entities, and rather grouping them in with Categories with their own unique category IDs.  This should prove interesting.

My recent JavaScript Animated Collapsing Categories list is probably going to need to be retooled to not include link categories, but until I know exactly how those two are going to combine, I won’t know for certain how.  I trust all will be explained in time.

Speaking of explainations, the WordPress Hooks Blog has documented a few of the new Hooks available for the first time in WP2.1.  You see?  The WordPress giveth and the WordPress taketh away. . . .

Most of the hooks they’ve documented so far appear to primarily concern logon issues.  This is a nice touch, as many of us use external schemas of our own design and like to be able to integrate the WordPress environment with whatever else we may have going on.  Also, these actions and filters may allow for better integration between WordPress and bbPress, the bulletin board system developed by the same folks.

Another bit of tasty-treat WordPress has added into the system is a new Custom Header API, providing developers with a new way to dynamically allocated headers to your WordPress blog.  Sounds neat?  I thought so, the possiblities are fairly endless: custom headers for users, custom headers for Categories, headers that work with to provide morphing notifications of changed states (such as “comment posted,” or somesuch).  They just keep going.

One that Lorelle either did not catch wind of, or perhaps one that did not impress her is much is the new Administration Panel option that allows users to “Manage Posts,” filtering by Category.  This was a bit of information I found just yesterday on the WordPress Support site, dropped in there by Kafkaesqui, one of the moderators.  I presume the man knows what he’s talking about and certainly hope he is right.  Particularly if you need to move things around or eliminate outmoded Categories (particularly a concern of political blogs, for sure!), being able to filter your posts is vital to administering them.

I did a bit of digging around, since I haven’t had much time to pay too close attention to the new version of WP, and I’ve discovered a wish-list of new features on  Some of these have already been realized, but perhaps this is a tantalizing list of what-ifs?  Also, don’t miss his WordPress Category feed if you want to hear the latest and greatest about the world of WordPress and WhatsNext.

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