Get it All

The other night, I was asked to do a show on a local television station, covering the local primaries as a representative of my political blog. Myself and some other bloggers were to be meeting at the station to live blog the event and discuss the developments.

One problem, however: I don’t have a laptop. The supplied one for me, but I could hardly stand the embarrassment of being a blogger sans laptop. Yes, I’m that shallow.

So, my performance on television was sufficiently interesting that my wife could not argue against me getting a laptop anymore, especially because we’ll probably be doing more of these shows later on. I looked around and fell in love with the Acer Aspire. It’s exactly what I need, and nothing I don’t, for the purposes of communication and basic work functionality.

So as I await its arrival in the mail, I’m out surfing Linux support forums (the Aspire has a Linpus operating system, which is based on a Fedora core), looking at what devilry I might accomplish with my new toy. I’ve installed Google Gears on this PC (even though it’s Windows) to see how it works with blogging, because I figure any little thing I can do to speed up the process on the new machine will probably be worth it. I’ve discovered that I can install Skype on the new machine, which is cool because it comes with a basic web cam.

So, I’m at the start of the only weekend I can think of in recent memory that I’m actively waiting to end so I can get my new toy. Hurray!