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The new, improved Rochester Optical Stores website.

The new, improved Rochester Optical Stores website.

More than anything else, I love making life simpler for my customers. Who doesn’t? And when making my customer’s customers’ lives easier is the name of the game, I can’t wait to get started!

Rochester Optical’s local stores needed a web facelift. After years of tweaking and retooling their website for the needs of the business, it had become a labyrinth of back alleys and places for customers to just get lost, get bored and ultimately leave. Google Analytics told the tale: customers would use the top-level navigation to seek out information they wanted, then scatter into a dozen different directions, based on the next hyperlink they encountered that interested them.

It’s great to inform your customer, but ultimately, what RO needed was a lead generation machine. On this level despite having an online form to book appointments, the site had not really pulled its own weight.

Speaking with the Director of Retail Operations, it was clear that what was really needed was a drastic simplification of their message and their website. Instead of letting customers get lost in an endless stream of links, we stripped the site down to a one-page appointment-booking machine. Those top-level links that had been so successful in luring customers before were maintained, this time directing the customer down the page on a horizontally-striped layout.

Every single section of the site ultimately encourages the customer to come find out more. Want to find out more about a location? Come book an appointment. Like the designer brands Rochester Optical works with? Book an appointment and have a closer look.

The company has plans to expand the site presence with a blog to publish to social media outlets with helpful advice about glasses, contacts and vision health. HolisticNetworking has plans to help them see it through and increase the social footprint of a local Rochester institution. HolisticNetworking will help you get it all together, whenever you’re ready, too!

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