Get it All

This is just a “public service announcement” for those web designers looking for a fast way to get a nice, even hanging indentation on their pages. That’s when the top line goes all the way to the margin and the text below it is what is indented. You might use them for a non-bulleted list such as those in the typical WordPress sidebar. It is a very simple fix, but I’ve been surprised by the lack of adequate answers in Google and figure someone out there might be looking for an answer would appreciate it.

So, the fix is: create a left margin of Xpx, then use text-indent with a -Xpx value. Ho! Is that easy, or what? And it works with IE and Firefox, both:
[code lang=”css”]
#blogwire ul {
margin-left: 15px;
#blogwire ul li {
text-indent: -15px;