Get it All

For those of you concerned with getting bombarded with new blogs built by strangers you don’t want on your network, but would still like to leave the registration process open to others, I’ve created a simple set of hacks that will allow this to happen. A caveat, however: you’ll need to have some little app on the same server that does MD5 encryption, so you know what you’re going to use as session phrases.

I say “session phrases” as opposed to “passwords,” because I would like to disabuse anyone reading this of the notion that this is any kind of real “security” per se. Rather, this is a simple way to keep nusance registrations at bay while still allowing users to register as subscribers to blogs, and also send invitations to those you’d actually like to have a blog. The basic MU wp-signup.php form doesn’t really distinguish and rather allows anyone to get a blog on your network. Yikes! This is the kind of thing you’d at least want the option to override.

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