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If you needed any more reason to believe that Twitter and social networking are important to defining your business – and that being the first to do so is critical – you need look no further than the shambolic mess that is the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Their marketing team was late out of the gate to get their social media campaign started in the first place.

Then when the problems hit, they were flat-footed with a response to the deluge of reporter complaints on Twitter. Those complaints became the stuff of Internet gold, and so the @SochiProblems Twitter account was created. That’s the way humor goes on Twitter. But now this:

With all of the negative attention, it’s probably no surprise that a parody Twitter account is making waves. What might be surprising is just how polite – and popular – the account is.

The @SochiProblems Twitter account has amassed a whopping 343,000 followers, just a week after launching.

Fortunately enough, the account is nowhere near as vitriolic as some other parody accounts have been. Still, the impact of the SochiProblems account highlights what happens when you allow social networks to define you in your own absence.

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