Get it All

For those who are serious about cataloging and displaying news from across the Internet in one blog, I’ve created the DFE News Harvester Plugin. DFENH allows you to register a variety of news feeds, read them within WordPress, select the articles you’d like to publish and publish them as posts in a blog.

DFENH also works with WP meta data to provide a number of bits of data that you might want in a news article, such as a title, a secondary “teaser” title, an image with credit and a brief summary. It’s up to you how you want to actually use this metadata on your site: DFENH does not offer any method of displaying metadata on the site.

Another feature of DFE News Harvester is it’s ability to automatically create tags for each article based on it’s title. When a list of articles is submitted for publication, DFENH automatically breaks the title up by words, eliminates unnecessary words like “by, the, if, etc” and creates tags for each of the remaining keywords.

This is a plugin which will work in either WordPress or WordPress MU. However, this is not a plugin meant to run in the /mu-plugins folder and I have not tested it for that use.

To install, simply download from, drop the entire /dfe_news_harvester folder into your wp-content/plugins folder and activate through the Control Panel of your blog.

Is This a Splog Plugin?

You can use this plugin however you like, but I would submit that there are far more efficient methods of creating a splog than this plugin provides. This plugin is geared towards providing updated news content in a way that is administration-heavy, relative to splogging tools. It does not harvest content off the original website by itself, it does provide a method of renaming links and providing your own summary of articles.

I trust that everyone who uses this plugin does so with the utter-most respect for original content on the web!

Download this plugin