Get it All

Since they announced the new Bundles earlier this week, I haven’t had a chance to really get into what they were. But today, I took the Bundles for a spin and really like what I’m seeing! Bundles basically allow you to link blog directly through their website, which is really nice when you consider how much Twitter users such as myself use to shorten the links we’re already link-blogging on Twitter. Using Bundles, we can take the most interesting, most clicked-on, or most relevant of the links we created for the day and make a bundle out of them. You can also just create a bundle naturally.

The Bundles lead to all kinds of other potential possibilities that I’m hoping developers are considering, many of which are tied to the statistics and analysis I’ve been hoping they will implement. This are not limited to, but include:

  • Generating a Bundle based on the most-clicked links for the day/week/month/year
  • Generating a Bundle based on exclusively-linked content (stuff you’ve linked to that no one else has. Better still if you can get the most popular exclusive content!)
  • “Automatically add to Bundle” option to allow you to always create daily bundles, whether or not they get published.
  • “Add to bundle” option for any link, rather than the current check-and-create, which is limiting.
  • Seems like, if you can create these on-the-fly Bundle “link blogs,” the same aught to be possible for custom domains: give us the option to display our links on our custom shortening domains in a similar fashion to the Bundles. That would rock!

All in all, Bundles have some really awesome potential for the future and I really hope the folks keep working along these lines!