Get it All

The new Holistic Networking blog is now officially launched, and I feel like a proud papa!

Well, OK, minor exaggeration.  The point is: I’ve created the new blog.  Why did I do this?  Well, because there are things about webdesign and such that I want to talk about which don’t make any sense on my regular blog, DragonFlyEye.Net.  Sure, there’s a technology section, but that’s meant for tech politics, not just discussing the finer points of code and design.  For that, I’ll need a whole different space.

And here I am!

Plus, too, if I ever get around to releasing WordPress plugins or SharePoint Webparts, this will be the place to do that.  Here’s to hoping a lot more of that happens in the future.

Awesome!  Glad to have this space to get started.