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OK, so I’ve completed what is, for all intents and purposes, the first official broadcast of The Flight of the Dragonfly.  How do I think it went?

Well, I had seven listeners during the show.  Considering the fact that I’ve done about 0 advertising, that’s not too bad, actually. arguably did more (thanks, guys!)  There were some technical glitches on BTR’s end (for some reason, I could not call into my phone number for five critical minutes of the show!), but they got worked out and the show started.

Strange, but I felt a bit more self-conscious than I did on the previous flight.  Perhaps its like they say about parachuting: it’s that second jump that’s really scary.  Also, I had a guest, Jon Greenbaum, which added a bit of pressure, even though he and I have known each other for a fairly long time.  Still, I got most (but not quite all) of my segments in where I wanted them to be.

The truth is, I’m still juggling my tools quite a bit.  I suppose this is normal.  I downloaded an “Egg Timer” application to keep track of the time, but forgot to turn it on until far enough into the show that it wasn’t worth the effort.  One irritating bit for me is that Skype will automatically disconnect you if it doesn’t hear you talking, which means that I basically had to call the show right at the start time.  I’m looking into ways around that, maybe I’ll do a bit of experimenting tonight.

Things to improve on the next flight:

  1. My headphone mic was a bit low, and my guest’s phone was louder.  It’s very difficult to break into a caller’s soliloquy that way.
  2. Need to work on being able to dial into the show sooner.  Its a bit awkward to login and immediately hit the intro music.
  3. Oh yeah!  The intro music could stand some work.  It’s not horrible, but it’s not great, either.  I cobbled together all the recording and mixing in about an hour before the show started, recording my overdub with a towel around my head and the mic to deaden the sheetrock ping-echoes. 
  4. I’m looking into getting a cohost for the show.  That would ease the dead air burden quite a bit.  I’ve put a line out to one person whom I know would be great at it, we shall see what happens.

All that, and I have miles of coding to do!  Plus, I’ve got articles that need writing.  Damnation!  I need a partner in this.

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Interviewing Jon Greenbaum of Metro Justice

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