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Woo hoo!  I’m exited!  The latest version of WordPress, 2.3, is due out in late September.  This go-round, the principle architects of the WordPress thang have released the schedule by which the final preparations are being made:

» WordPress 2.3 Release Timeline

WordPress 2.3 went into feature freeze last night in preparation for its eventual release on September 24th. From now on we’re concentrating exclusively on testing and bug fixing. We are scheduled to release the first public beta of 2.3 this coming Monday, August 27th. We’ll be doing a new beta release every Monday and bug hunts every Wednesday. On September 17th we enter a hard freeze and release the first release candidate. A calendar of these events is available here.

Of particular interest to fans of the WordPress platform is the new tagging schema, which is really much more complex than one new feature.  The database will now be structured to include a keyword table and a table that defines what those keywords can be called and used for.  A keyword like “PHP” could be used to define a Category, a Tag and even something else entirely that a developer creates in a plugin.

I’ve not had a chance to look at any of the release candidates since 2.2, but I’m hoping to find an hour or so to load a test blog and see how it works.  Or at least, just look at it.  I wonder when all this new stuff will make it’s way over to WPMU, but in the meanwhile, I want to bone-up on the way it works in advance to get a jump on it for DragonFlyEye.Net.

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