Get it All

I’ve just upgraded to the latest Beta of WordPress MU, version 2.6. They’ve opted this go-round to keep the version numbers of WP and WPMU the same, which is probably for the best. No matter how you slice it, keeping the versions in some sense of organization is a challenge, keeping people from getting confused is a challenge, so you may as well go for as much transparency as possible.

But right now, I’m most concerned with whether or not the xmlrpc.php problem has been fixed. I’ve been struggling at my main blog with the lack of this functionality, which has become integral to how I perform certain mission-critical tasks. Version 1.6.1 had problems with this file. I’ve not seen anything on Trac that necessarily indicates that it’s been fixed, but I figured rather than comb through a bunch of stuff online, I’d just turn up the juice and see what shakes loose. Well, we shall see in a moment, when I hit “publish,” shan’t we?