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UPDATE: About that whole “Customizable Dashboard,” thing, someone already beat me to it, but I seconded the motion as well.  Good!  I hope this idea gains some traction and we get what we want.  In the meanwhile, I’m about to go check out “Dasher,” a plugin I found that’s supposed to do the same thing.
The WP Development Blog has announced a couple of new features for the WordPress world, WordPress Ideas and WordPress Kvetch, both aimed at more directly responding to the needs of WordPressers of the world. One is to suggest things, and the other is to complain about things, so I guess it’s kind of a question which you need to do more that determines where you post, eh?

Development Blog › Ideas and Kvetch!

If you could add anything in the world to WordPress, what would it be? If you could name the thing that frustrates you the most about WP, what would that be? Now you can tell us. We’re announcing new projects—two sides of the same coin.

Well, as soon as I get done posting this update, I’m going to put my two cents in at both places. Time to plead for a more liberal, less rigid Dashboard, for one.

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