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Social Media Strategy Consulting

Everybody’s on social media. Well, it seems that way, anyway.

But “social media” is a pretty generic term for a field where more and more players seem to arrive every day. Should you be on Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? LinkedIn? And how do you manage all that overhead or prove that it is having a positive effect on your business, rather than a negative impact on your wallet?

Holistic Networking can help! Holistic Networking is the driving force behind DragonFlyEye.Net, a proven thought leader in Rochester, NY with an active and growing community of highly-active social network fans and followers. Let our social media consulting experts show you how to choose the right networks to join, how best to manage your time and what the best practices are for each network.

Social networking isn’t “just talk,” either. People who are active on social networks are often found to be highly influential in their peer groups in the real world. They’re the kind of people whose friends, family and coworkers expect to have an opinion on things that matter. Which means if you make your social network friends happy, you can extend your influence to all of their contacts on and offline! A tweet, a post or a picture can go a long way on line for free, you just need to know how to do it.

Holistic Networking can help you with:

  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Pinterest
  •  Tumblr
  •  Reddit
  •  LinkedIn
  •  FourSquare
  •  Blogger
  •  Flickr
  •  Google Plus
  •  Delicious

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Social Media Works!

  • A study conducted by the University of Buffalo revealed that customers who engage with a company on Social Media contribute 5.6% more revenue to that company
  • A Forrester study recently revealed that customers trust online recommendations and reviews more than direct mail. You cannot afford to ignore this treasure trove of leads!
  • Pew Research recently conducted a study that shows that more attention on Twitter means more attention to your product.

Holistic Networking on Social

  • DragonFlyEye nominated Best Twitter Feed of 2012 by Rochester City Newspaper readers.
  • DragonFlyEye mentioned as one of the most significant contributors to the Rochester Twitter community by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
  • Tom Belknap invited to guest blog for PBS’s Innovation Trail based on his contribution to the Twitter community.