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Summary:  Installs the default values of a WP blog during the creation of a new blog

Details:  This function does a lot, and depending on how you want your blogs setup, may be useful to modify.  It sets up default values for such things as the blogroll, the first post, the first comment, the default category.  Of these options, only the default post can be set in Blog Options, so for finer tuning of the end-user experience, editing this file might be helpful.

Summary:  Creates a new blog with the id $blog_id and the title $blog_title

Detail:  This is a very complex function that involves calling the upgrade-functions.php file and using a bunch of it’s functions to complete its task.  This is definitely a function which – in the absence of a specific need – is better off left on its own and accessed through the API.

Summary:  Function returns the value of the specified option $setting.

Detail:  This is a surprisingly complex function that returns the value of the specified options $setting.  It first checks for the existence of a wp-cache value, and if none exists, queries the database.

The rest of the function complexity is simply to make sure that a properly-validated URL is returned if the requested option is the site URL.