Get it All

Believe! I know that sounds like a cat poster. But it’s true.

Vitruvius, The LEGO Movie
WARNING: picture is unrelated. (source)

Now normally, these listical-type, inspirational posts like to end on that high note where you match a “go out there and get ’em!” type message, typically with a picture of someone either doing yoga on a beach or climbing a mountain, as suits the occasion. And that’s fine, as far as it goes.

But you’re not climbing mountains or doing yoga. You’re trying to keep it together whilst the world goes indoors to play. This is about helping you maintain your mindfulness and productivity while you “camp” at your house. So I’ll start with the 1000-mile view crap early, so you can ignore it at will.

Nevertheless, the fact is that you’re a productive member of society because that’s your natural state. Or, perhaps you’re a lazy-ass, because that’s your natural state. The point is: you will reach your natural level of productivity, one way or the other. The venue in which you produce your work will change; the means by which you communicate will change; you will not change.

“Everyday humor” about working from home – the kind of talk you hear around the water cooler – is as follows: “wouldn’t it be nice if I could go work from home!” / “If I worked from home, I’d get nothing done.” Neither of these two things is true. It’s not automatically nice to work from home. It’s also not the automatic path to lost productivity.

The point of this post is to simply tell you – for sure – that you’re going to find working from home very productive. Not necessarily easy or enjoyable for everybody. But it will be productive. Have faith!

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