Get it All

Took me basically all day to get this done, but as of this moment, is now powered by the newly-fused WordPress 3.0 installation. Whereas previous versions of WordPress were branched into WPMU and WordPress classic versions, the new version brings it all back together (very Holistic, actually!) into a single installation.

I’m going to confess that vanity made me resist this new version: WPMU was the advanced version of WordPress that made me feel cool. But given the way in which I generally use WordPress MU on this site, the new synthesized version of WordPress is probably a better choice anyway.

On a technical basis, one of the things that concerned me most was how the association between the various blogs would differ with this new installation and whether carefully-built plugins that deliver the front-page content would end up broken as a result of the upgrade. I’m not sure whether the new version introduces new methods of access, but certainly the old ways have been maintained and the transition has been fairly straight-forward as we’ve come to expect from the great folks at Automattic.

So the question now is: how does this affect my WordPress MU Function List? Are these functions still relevant and should I create an entirely different page for new stuff? I must confess that I’ve been out of the WordPress game and only just barely paying attention to the Hackers list, so perhaps tomorrow is a good day to correct that laziness on the WP front!

Another task for the near future is yet another redesign of the front page. My “Fluidity” experiment was a good one and worthwhile. But now that I’ve had a chance to see what the front page looks like on a high-resolution wide-screen monitor, it’s clear that the experiment should be brought to its swift conclusion. My blue and white pipes theme will doubtless be maintained, but I’d like to return to a fixed-width design. All in good time!!